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Tea Infused Vegan Lip Balm

Made with Certified Organic & All Natural Ingredients


We're here to BARE it all (get it?). We believe in quality and transparency. Our lip balm is simple and effective, made with healthy, sustainable ingredients and affordably priced so everyone can enjoy!


We're all about ingredients. From sustainably sourced Candelilla Wax to fair trade, certified organic Coconut Oil, we only use the best of the best! Perfectly proportioned and infused with tea, our lip balm delivers super smooth application and long lasting moisture.


We strive to make the best balm out there, but what fun would it be without some flavour. Our flavour ingredients are all natural, certified organic and vegan. We've got 20 delicious flavours and counting!


We LOVE this brand. Vegan, organic and it has a beautiful texture. Loved by all the cast on #supergirl.

Brittany Isaacs @brittsmakeup

So happy with my @bareenglish lip balms! #LondonFog and #Grapefruit are my fave!!

Chyler Leigh @chy_leigh

The formulation is great. It is so hydrating and I find myself not needing to reapply often. And not to mention, they all smell so yummy too!